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Tax Assessor
Tax Collector - Sewer Collector
Municipal Clerk
Anne Marie Friscia, RMC
Borough Hall
650 Poole Avenue
Union Beach, NJ. 07735
Phone 732-264-2277
Fax 732-264-1267
Carol Seney, Deputy Clerk
Office Hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

Welcome to the Borough Clerk's office. The Borough Clerk is a statutory position with many responsibilities. Some of the core duties include serving as the Secretary to the Mayor and Council, preparing agendas for the Governing Body meetings, attending all meetings of the Governing Body, preparing and maintaining minutes, maintaining copies of all Resolutions and Ordinances, serving as administrative officer for all elections held in the Borough, issuance of certain licenses and permits, assessment searches and to act as a liaison to the public on behalf of the Governing Body as needed.

This office is your link to the Mayor and Borough Council. Any questions you may have for our Mayor or Council members can be directed to our office at 732-264-2277 or by contacting them directly .

                2023 Meeting Schedule  Meetings start at 7:30 PM

Council Meetings – Agenda/Workshop               Council Meetings - Regular

Thursday:January 12 TH                                         Thursday:January 19th
February 9 TH                                                                 February 16 TH
March 9 TH                                                                      March 16 TH
April 13 TH                                                                       April 20TH
May 11TH                                                                       May 18TH
June 8 TH                                                                        June 15 TH
July 13 TH                                                                       July 20TH
August 17 TH                                                                  August 24 TH  
September 14 TH                                                           September 21ST
October 12 TH                                                                October 19TH
November 9 TH                                  Monday:             November 20TH*
December 14 TH                                                            December 21 ST 

(Action may be taken at the above Meetings)

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